MLDO-156 あどけないメイドにお仕置きされるセクハラ男 亜衣
Sexual Harassing Man Punished by Childlike Maid.


池袋SMクラブ パーブス


A man ordered on-site service of a maid cafe so that he can enjoy being at a maid cafe while at home, a childlike maid comes to his house, the man touches her body without asking, takes pictures of her with his phone, hits on her, and otherwise sexually harasses her, but the maid spills black tea on his crotch intentionally and takes his pants off so that they don’t get stained, then the maid’s personality transforms and she becomes the master while the man becomes her servant, it turns out that the childlike maid was actually an extreme sadist, she puts the man on a collar and leash and begins to enjoy punishing the sexual harassing man.