MLDO-159 浮気マゾ男とのプレイを見せつけられる寝取られマゾ彼氏 茜
The Cuckold masochist boyfriend forced to watch the lover masochist doing BDSM.




Mistress Akane's slave thought that he was her only masochist boyfriend, but since he is undisciplined in his training, she brought her lover masochist to have him watch their BDSM done right. Watching his Mistress Akane's boots and feet being licked, Having some other guy lick his Mistress Akane's spit so deliciously, penetrating the lover`s ass with the strap-on harness he bought, That lover eating Mistress Akane's vomit so deliciously, all he gets is the scraps during food play, Stealing his favorite golden shower and brown shower. he only gets to watch. Oh, how he missed it when Mistress Akane and he smeared each other with shit during brown shower. The masochist boyfriend should have felt frustration, jealousy, and rage but he acquired bit of excitement. Yes,he was made a cuckold and reached another level of becoming a masochist.