MLDO-162 2匹のマゾ豚再訓練 蒼兎一美
The two masochistic pig's repeated discipline


個人調教 BOOST!


Mistress Hitomi received two masochists from her Mistress friends for repeated discipline. One of the masochistic pig is egotistical and the other is a whimp. Mistress Hitomi will be training and retraining these two masochistic pigs to be the perfect slave and return them to her Mistress friends. However, the two masochistic pigs that she got were the worst masochists Mistress Hitomi will discipline the masochistic pigs on strengthening their mind, body, and perseverance. Also to rid them of their whiny nature. Let's find out if these two masochistic pigs can endure the harsh training and graduate to become the perfect masochist slaves