MLDE-006 容赦なき玩具用マゾ男遊び 麻美
No Mercy Toy Masochist Man Play.



Mistress has confined two masochist men in her house as toys, Mistress ignores the human rights of the masochists and treats them completely as toys, throwing them away as soon as they are destroyed and purchasing the next new toy is enough. She uses toys as a tool only to satisfy her aspirations. Restraint beach ball play, foot licking human mat, face rubber target, sanitary napkin odor, horse riding whip meter strike, pinch cock with clothespins, double fist anal extension, menstrual tampon mouth pushing, piss injection from the nostrils, squeezing the balls, wet and messy with whipped cream yogurt containing wasabi mustard, shower water torture, repeated slapping and human urinal toilet, etc.