MLDO-148 寝取られマゾ夫に浮気を見せつけあざ笑う妻 早川瑞希
A Wife Shows Off Her Cheating and Mocks Her Cuckolded Masochist Husband.



As the husband sets off for a business trip to the mountains out in the middle of nowhere, he asks his wife to message him with how she's getting along, and to send him naked videos, since masturbation is the only thing he'll have to look forward to while he's gone. The wife complies, and continues to send him videos. As the wife continues to go out to alumni meetings and other overnight get-togethers, her husband starts to notice hickeys on her skin, followed by hearing or seeing another man in the videos, confirming his suspicious that she's been cheating on him. However, he discovers that for some reason, he is very excited about this, and realizes that he is actually a masochist who enjoys being cuckolded. He confesses this to his wife, and asks her to please let him see her cheating on him. His wife, who had been enjoying cheating on him for a while now, is thrilled at the prospect of her cheating being accepted, and starts sending videos of herself having sex with her well-endowed lover to her small penis-ed, phimotic, pre-mature ejaculator masochist husband while mocking him and laughing at how he can't do anything by himself up in the mountains except masturbate. When the husband returns from his trip, his wife starts bringing her lover home and having sex with him right in front of her husband. As this continues, she becomes engrossed in humiliating her cuckolded masochist husband, having him do things like licking her pussy to clean it up after her lover has ejaculated inside her.