MLDO-153 返品マゾ奴隷徹底再教育 生駒はるな
Returned Masochistic Slave Total Retraining.



Dominatri catches a man who smells like a masochist and sells him to other mistresses on the trained slave market, but some of these slaves are returned as defective. Dominatri has to retrain these slaves who were returned in cardboard according to the complaints leveled by the mistress. Tongue shoe polish, face-riding breath management while penis is hit with Magic wand, human urinal toilet and human vacuum, human dog training with penis leash, dice whipping strengthening game, cunnilingus and anal licking service special training, anal expansion , chewing urinal cake, penis management which forbids erection even with face-riding and hand job, strengthening anus and penis with wax, etc.