MLDO-150 貞操帯で射精管理されCBT調教されるマゾ男 楓
A Masochist Whose Ejaculations Are Managed in a Chastity Belt and Trained in CBT.



(男優 ヒデ)


Mistress captured a man arrested for rape and confines his masturbation in a chastity belt, teases and denies his ejaculation with a massage stick, makes him do horse play, steps on his penis with a plank, uses a testicle crushing board, gives him a urethral bougie, inserts 4 types of anal dildos, hangs him up and steps on his penis, does penis air gun, penis clothespin, electric torture, and other forms of CBT (cock and ball torture) to thoroughly punish the penis who did wrong, repeatedly teases and denies the man who cannot ejaculate, constantly makes him give cunnilingus and rim jobs, humiliates him, makes him drink urine and eat shit, pounds the weight of his crimes into his brain and penis so that he never does them again.