MLDO-155 真性奴隷への洗脳と改造 綺羅
Brainwashing and Modifying into Genuine Slave.


藍川綺羅 オフィシャルサイト K R


A masochist man wishing to become a genuine slave comes to Mistress Kira, who is currently training confined slaves, Mistress Kira uses these confined slaves to subject the masochist man to repeated brainwashing and harsh training in order to turn him into a genuine slave, modifying his mind to be more tough and his body to withstand merciless punishment. Anal extension with three extra large dildos and double fists, human chair wrapped with gum tape and lap, anal extension with boots and feet, oversized strap-on fuck with guillotine restraint, urine by high enema, urethra catheter with electrode rod for electric torture, gum tape chastity belt, crotch tear on a triangular wooden horse, hanging up for human swing, human riding, oversized wax play, hemp bag restraint, extending anal with oversized Cusco speculum to piss in anal, etc.