MLDO-171 玩具奴隷として生涯を捧げたマゾ女と2人のマゾ男 藤崎真里亜
Two Masochistic Men and a Masochistic Woman Who Offered Their Lives to be Played as Toys.


六本木SM倶楽部 奴隷の館<
六本木SM倶楽部 奴隷の館


Two masochistic men and a masochistic woman willingly signed a contract. A contract that states that they will offer themselves as slaves to the one and only Mistress Maria which whom they have admired. The masochists are to be completely submissive and to be played as Mistress Maria's toys until their death.
Depending on her mood, the mistress will choose the victim of the day. There are days where she would spread tacks on the floor and have the slave roll around on it. Other days, she'll strip the woman slave naked, tie her up, cover her body with whip cream, and have the male slaves lick it all off. Mistress Maria will also put a male slave in a vinyl bag, vomit in it and have the male slave eat it up. The mistress is fully enjoying herself everyday by embarrassing her human toys and making them suffer. Today's toy starts with this slave...