MLDE-004 サドお嬢様と変態マゾ執事 瀬川みおり
Sadistic Rich Girl and Perverted Butler.


池袋SMクラブ マーズ


I am a pervert masochistic butler who serves Miss Miori. I was like a piece of trash lower than bugs without anywhere to go, and Milady took me in from the slave market. Milady's word is law, if there is no chair I become a chair, if there is no table I become a table, if she orders me to masturbate I must do it even in front of Milady or her friends, if she asks for semen I must instantly ejaculate and give it away, my heart, body, penis and even my semen all belongs to Milady. When the lady is in a bad mood it is my role as masochist butler to be punished, even if I am subjected to embarrassing punishment or corporal punishment that makes me lose my mind, I endure it all the time and I will be glad if Milady is pleased. Miss Miori, please ask me anything today as well.