MLDO-149 絶対服従を誓い玩具にされるマゾ男 大沢美由紀
The Masochistic Man Who Swears Absolute Obedience and Is Made Into a Toy.


大沢美由紀さんが在籍している池袋SMクラブ マーズ


A masochistic man comes to a mistress and asks to be her slave, she tells him she'll keep him as a pet if he can become her toy and please her, and makes the man swear absolute obedience. Upon receiving this unexpected gift, the mistress makes him penis-dance while entirely naked, makes him play a one-minute ejaculation masturbation game, uses him as a human holy water golden toilet, turns him upside down and expands his anus, tramples on him like a human carpet while quizzing him, makes him drink a whole bottle of water without stopping, plays a dice game while riding and whipping him like a horse, sexual processing machine breeding tied-up cunnilingus and anal licking, draws pictures on him with hot wax and roasts his Vienna sausage, full-swing trump 1 point whipping game, sits him in an electric cunnilingus chair, and otherwise toys with the man for an entire day without mercy.