MLDO-151 サドナースのマゾ男患者監禁治療 Risa
Sadistic Nurse's Confinement Treatment for Masochistic Patient.


池袋SMクラブ パーブス


A sadistic nurse has a chance encounter with a patient from her hospital and invites him to her home on the pretense of seeing if his illness has gotten better and "treats" him by stripping him naked, taking pictures of his penis and anus, applying plastic wrap and giving electric shocks, giving him enemas without letting him go to the bathroom, making him masturbate in front of her while she watches, drowning him in the bathtub, violating his anus with dildos, riding him like a horse and whipping him, electrically massaging his penis even after he ejaculates, making him drink urine that she calls medicine, and so on. Initially she plays with him like an embarrassing toy, and as time progresses her "treatment" escalates as she begins to treat him like a slave and confining him to her home and making him into a sex toy saying he needs treatment.