MLDO-154 脚線美OLに支配されていく足フェチマゾ男 Risa
Foot Fetish Masochist Man Dominated by Office Lady with Beautiful Legs.


池袋SMクラブ パーブス


Mistress Risa, a woman in a mini skirt with beautiful legs who works for a mail order company dealing with adult toys is the object of affection for a timid masochist colleague with a foot fetish who continually makes mistakes at work as he is distracted by Risa's legs and feet, everyday she scolds him and curses him and takes out her stress by using him as an outlet for her frustrations, such as slapping him, kicking his testicles, human chair, human cushion, human stepping stone, foot stain deodorant and other punishments, playing with him at work when convenient. One day, the man can no longer stand the beauty of her leg lines drugs Risa with sleeping pills and masturbates while looking up her skirt or at her feet, but Risa wakes up and sees him. Now that she has grabbed his weakness, she makes the man confess that he has a foot fetish, likes her, and is actually a masochist, and that if he doesn't want the company to know, he must become an experimental platform for the SM products handled at the company, she plays with him by inflicting pain, the man starts to be dominated gradually by Risa and falls into being her slave.