MLDO-168 ミストレスの永久家事奴隷契約書 Risa
The Mistress's Contract for Eternal House Slave


池袋SMクラブ パーブス


Mistress Risa's house slave became her slave on his own accord. He took an oath and threw away everything to be her slave. A year and a half has passed since he became a slave and with growing age the housework has started to become more difficult. It's not just the cleaning and the laundry, it's mostly because of Mistress Risa's whippings, paddlings and other forms of punishment. And when Mistress Risa is depressed, she uses him as a toy and makes him dress up as a woman and ravage the urethra. But when he sees Mistress Risa's happy smile, all his sufferings disappears and becomes happy. Being a slave in this big mansion, he feels that he must work to satisfy Mistress Risa until he dies.