MLDO-157 足フェチマゾ男人間サンドバッグ嘔吐責め サラ
Foot Fetish Masochist Man Subjected to Human Punching Bag and Puke Torture.


東京SM性感デリバリー パラフィリア


When Mistress Sara senses masochist smells from men she calls to her home, she puts them to sleep with sleeping medicine, confines them, gives them numbers, makes them part of her slave collection, and torture-plays with different slaves dsaraly to fulfill her desires. Today a muscular tough-looking mover man has come, and sensing a masochist smell from him, Mistress Sara puts him to sleep like usual, takes off his clothes, and confines him, when the man wakes up she makes him admit he’s a masochist and tortures him with feet, puke, punching, kicking, pro-wrestling moves, enjoying seeing if he’s worth adding to her slave collection as a human punching bag. Will the man end up being added to Mistress Sara’s collection?