MLDO-160 再訓練地下牢獄の美しき教官 Sherry
The beautiful prison warden's repeated discipline in the dungeon cell.


池袋SMクラブ パーブス


A masochist man who tried to escape from the mistress.A man who was sold to them as a loan collateral. A massochist who volunteered himself to fall into the depth of hell. This facility is a "Repeated Torture Dungeon Cell" for making top tier masochist slaves out of men who need discipline by repeating tortuous acts. And the person in charge of this facility is a beautiful prison warden. Despite her pretty looks, she is unusually strict and an extreme sadist. The three men will soon become her prey. In the name of discipline, the beautiful prison warden will use corporal punishment. Repeatingly humiliate, shame, and abuse, the mind, body and soul to make the men meet the requirements be sex toys for the other mistresses.