MLDE-008 誘惑家庭教師の貞操帯体罰授業 日向うみ
Provocative Tutor's Chastity Belt Corporal Punishment Class.



A beautiful private tutor comes to the house of an idiot student who has been failing to get into a 3rd-rate college for 5 years, however, this tutor uses her attractive body to distract the student with downblouses and upskirts, making it impossible for him to study, every time he cannot solve a question, she uses corporal punishment and prohibits his masturbation with a chastity belt, saying that "Masturbation ejaculation spits out what you learned," the student suffering from not being able to ejaculate make cunnilingus to her as punishment so that only she enjoys climaxing and feeling superior, turning out to be a malicious tutor who extends her tutelage every time he fails an exam and continues to make money off him and satisfy her libido. Today is the day of her first lesson, will the failed student people get caught in the beautiful private tutor's trap...?