MLDO-167 貴婦人の館で人間便器にされていく男 妖湖
The man who is being used as a human toilet at a noble lady's mansion




The millionaire Mistress' usual play has started. The mistress will go into the town's clubs and using her sweet beautiful deminor, target guys and bring them back to her mansion. When the mistress takes off her fur coat, she reviels a single skimpy lingerie against her beautiful body. She whispers some sexual sweet talk to lure them into her lair of sexual acts and become her prey. At first she will lightly do some sadistic maneuvers and find the men's masochistic sides and little by little escalate it to becoming her slave and ultimately the men will become her human toilet slave, eating and drinking her excrements. This Mistress's play is to have fun doing this process.