MLDE-007 奴隷市場からのレンタルマゾ奴隷 ゆり
Rental Masochist Slave from the Slave Market.


La Belle Reine


Looking for a private slave, Mistress Yuri finds a slave that is on sale in the slave market and tries to find out how well this slave has been trained, so she entertains herself a day before purchasing the slave by deciding to play with the rental. Queen Yuri tries her favorite play, slapping, riding whip, nipple punishment, food crushing, kick Ballbusting、human sandbag, wax play、urethral bougie expansion, enema, fist anal extension, Magic Wand, ejaculation management, extreme dildo anal expansion, foot punishment, foot licking cleaning, and other masochistic slavery, gradually breaking down the slave's body.